Project 1

Amazon Echo Dot - 3D Model

Here, I created a concept for the next Echo Dot by Amazon. I used old designs as a reference and create my own original design concept by sketching it on an iPad and then I tried to make a similar 3D model in a 3D application to render my concept after that, I created some lifestyle mockups and show the use of that product in real life. I just tried to input my concept in real life, how manufacturer showcases their product to target audiences. Hope you like it.

Project 2

Grimm's Stone Crab - Web UI Design

Website UI design for a Sea Food restaurant located at US. Here we tried to incorporate the theme of clients brand identity into their web portal and helped them to grab new customers with the help of online presence.

Project 3

GYM WEB UI Kit - Give Away

A complete multipurpose landing page design template for fitness and sports business which includes both desktop and mobile versions.

Project 4

3D Rendered Product Mockups

I did a great range of 3D Product Rendering, here I'm showing one of my products "Glass Jar" with a front-facing angle with white background for Amazon and Life style image for other marketing services.

Project 5

Jewellery Photos Retouching

In this project, I did Jewellery photos retouching and created some lifestyle images using them. I do all the selection with the pen tool manually and tried to deliver a sharp cut to the products.

Project 6

Social Media Creatives

I created a lot of graphics for Kid's e-commerce website and their social media portals. Here I tried to show some of them. Hope you love it.

Project 7

NIke Air Force - Social Media Post

I designed some Social Media post concepts for Nike Shoes, these are my concept for an e-commerce shoe brand branding as per these street style product category.